Thursday, January 28, 2016


       Do you have a full lemon or orange tree that you don't pick? Would you like to donate your fruit to a good cause instead of it rotting? Now you can just go to they will pick the fruit and give it to people in need! I personally have a tree with hundreds of pieces of fruit, and all for what? I can't eat a billion oranges but I can donate them to the good cause of hunger. So join me on this quest to feed all of the hungry people.

Hunger Poblems

One of the biggest problems in the world is hunger. About 21,000 people die from hunger every single day!There is an easy way to stop this. Do you have a overflowing tree of lemons or oranges,That fall to the ground and rot? What if there was an easy way to help people in need? I found an organization known as glean SLO that does just that! They pick food that would otherwise go to waste! This organization helps feed people my using things that others would have just left. If you have a fruit tree that can be picked to help the good of other go to 

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Summer

        This summer started off, by going to the Ravine Water Park with one of my friends. We went around on the lazy river and talked to all of the life guards. Another thing that I did this summer was go to the California Mid-state fair. My friend made me go on a ride called the zipper. This was no ordinary ride, it went upside down while it was moving. We also went on the fairs wheel which was beautiful at night. The light from all the rides made for a perfect end to the night. We also went on some other rides including 0 gravity. This ride was crazy, and made you feel as though you were flying.